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Massage Therapy

The following types of massage therapy are provided at this time. Please check back often for updates or contact me with specific questions.

Massage Duration Price
1/2 hour $40.00
1 hour $70.00
1 1/2 hours $100.00
Seated Massage call for pricing
Swedish Massage
Swedish massage is a soothing mixture of different types of strokes on the skin with a light application of oil. The client is draped with a full length towel during the treatment with each area uncovered only as needed. The different types of strokes used can be found through the above link.
Reiki is a healing energy work rediscovered in Japan by Dr. Mikso Usui. Reiki is translated from Japanese as the Universal Life Force and the Universal Spirit. This energy is found within everyone and everything. For healing, the Reiki energy is either drawn through the therapist or sent by the therapist for absentee healing.

A Reiki treatment can be done through comfortable, non-restrictive clothes. The therapist transfers energy though her hands to areas of need in the client. To balance the body, the practitioner balances each of the chakras in the body. Energy is transferred through the chakra to the Endocrine system where it can travel to where it is needed. The person receiving the treatment controls how the energy is used for healing.
Deep Muscle Therapy / Sports Massage
Deep Muscle Therapy uses the compressions, broad strokes, fascia lines, and movement to increase range of motions, increase flexibility, and decrease pain while breaking up adhesions.

Sports Massage is a technique of using quick and vigorous strokes, including deep tissue, on localized body parts where a specific activity may have caused exertion and muscle tightness. This category also encompasses pre-event and post-event massage.
Seated Massage
Seated Massage is increasing in popularity in the workplace and beyond due to its convenience. Treatments are done in a specifically designed ergonomic chair and run between 8 and 20 minutes. The treatments generally focus on the back, neck, and shoulders, treating the areas where most people store their stress. Since the patient remains fully dressed and no oil is used, little time is needed to freshen up before being able to return to work, more alert and relaxed.
Complementary Therapies
Reflexology is zone therapy work to affect another area. By working specific zones of the feet or hands, the therapist is affecting organs and structures in other areas of the body. This is normally done on either the hands or feet and can be combined with other forms of treatment.

Hydrotherapy is the study of the application of water, in its various forms, to the body to promote healing and maintain good health. This includes the use of ice massage, ice baths, whirlpools, applications of heat, and herbal products.